Shafi Solicitors

The Bank, 99 Palatine Road, Manchester M20 3JQ
0161 718 2222
The Bank, 99 Palatine Road, Manchester M20 3JQ
Kashif Mahmood
5/5 Stars
Where do I begin?.... I found my self in a a deep hole with the police, my friends and family were worried of my mental health, so i was recommended by a friend to go get in contact with Urfan at shafi Solicitors. I was so stressed i could not sleep, night, eat and I found myself unable to work due to the stress and worry. Once I contact Urfan he was kind enough to invite me to see him. Urfan agreed to take this case and reassured me, however due to my mental health I still was unable to sleep and was in a contestant worry, I would always ring Urfan and and ask 100 questions, what touched me the most about Urfan was that he would answer my call 24/7 literally, I recall once ringing him on a Sunday afternoon and began to panic over the phone, the fact that he was with his family on his day off he still answered my phone and gave me comfort and this lasted for several months nd he would always answer my phone, I felt i was bugging him but he was there always literally 247 he answered my calls at midnight and would speak to me for as long as he calmed me down. eventually he managed to get my case dropped and I was able to continue my life. I recommend Urfan as a outstanding solicitor and a human being, will always be grateful to him, May Allah always bless you and your firm. I wrote this from (from the heart) even thought it doesn't even come close for the credit Urfan deserves. thank you for everything from Kash.

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