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In no event will LawClick Limited be liable to you or anyone else for any decision made or action taken in reliance to the information featured on this website. LawClick Limited is not a law firm and does not provide any legal advice. Users of this website should consult with their own solicitor or law firm for legal advice. LawClick Limited does not accept any liability or responsibility for any contact details featured on solicitorsonline.co.uk or for any third party websites that can be accessed through this website (solicitorsonline.co.uk) or for any loss or damage that may arise from your use of them. LawClick Limited does not approve the contents of any websites that are linked to and these links are provided for your information only.

Whilst all law firms and businesses featured on this website have been checked with our best attempts to verify the firm’s details as being genuine this in no way guarantees that all details about any firms listed are correct or that a firm is a genuine firm. Your own further investigations and research about any of the firms or businesses listed on this website should be made before contacting them. LawClick Limited does not accept any liability or responsibility for any loss or damage that may arise from your use of the information provided on this website including the contact details, telephone numbers, addresses and website links to any firms or businesses listed on this website.

solicitorsonline.co.uk is not associated with any of the businesses listed on this website and does not review, endorse, recommend, warrant or guarantee the quality, authenticity, claims or background of any information or advice as is listed on this website. In spite of our best efforts, some of the information contained on this website may contain inaccuracies with regards to facts, laws, legal processes and other information or typographical errors. Nothing contained in these Terms and Conditions or on the website shall be considered as a referral, endorsement, recommendation, warranty or guarantee with respect to the validity, accuracy, availability, completeness, safety, legality, quality or applicability of any content, opinion, response, advice, prediction, information and/or other service provided by the solicitorsonline.co.uk website and all liability of any such inaccuracies or errors is expressly excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law.

Registration of User Account

To be eligible for an individual account on our website, you must be at least 18 years of age and must accurately complete and submit all registration details. You must not use any other person’s account to access the website. You must not allow any other person to use your account to access the website. You must notify us in writing immediately if you become aware of any unauthorised use of your account.

If you register for an account with our website, you will be asked to choose a Password, which must be kept confidential at all times. You must not use your account for or in connection with the impersonation of any person or business.

You are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of your Account login information and are fully responsible for all activities that occur under your Account.  Please notify us immediately in case of any unauthorised use, or suspected unauthorised use of your Account or any other breach of security.  LawClick Limited / solicitorsonline.co.uk cannot and will not be liable for any loss or damage arising from your failure to comply with the above requirements.

Featured Listings

Individuals and businesses that provide details for a law firm to be featured on solicitorsonline.co.uk should take utmost care to provide true and accurate details of the business including the contact details, address, website url, telephone number and appropriate legal categories that a listing should belong to.

All individuals and businesses that purchase a featured listing automatically provide permission for us to use the firms contact details, company logo and website screenshot (an image of your websites home page or other relevant page) so that we can provide your firms featured listing/s and setup your login area / account.

Subscriptions And Payments

All payments are processed through Stripe so that your full credit or debit card details are not stored on our website or databases. You can learn more about Stripe here: https://stripe.com/gb

As payments are processed on Stripe’s servers not our own, no responsibility for any loss or damage sustained by an individual or business for making a payment through this website with credit card or debit card payments can be provided. Stripe is classed as an excellent payment provider so using their servers for processing payments improves the security of payments and any credit or debit card details stored. We do not store your full credit or debit card details on this website or in our databases to make payments as secure as possible.

In the unlikely event of a payment error, technical error or unauthorised access to any of the payment systems / platforms required for processing payments that results in additional payments being taken from your credit / debit card or for a greater amount being taken there will be no liability or compensation from LawClick Limited / solicitorsonline.co.uk but any additional charges or greater amounts of money that are taken from your debit or credit card in error and collected by our Stripe or bank account will be refunded.

Renewal Policy

All subscriptions for our featured listings come with an automatic monthly renewal policy. By purchasing / ordering a featured listing/s you hereby give your full permission to process a payment each month using your credit or debit card. Please make sure that there are sufficient funds in your account on the day payment is collected. If you wish to cancel future payments from your credit or debit card you can cancel your subscription through your account / login area on LawFirms.co.uk.


Refunds will only be provided if requested within 24 hours of placing an order or within 24 hours of your subscription being renewed. Refunds are limited to the 24 hours after purchase because most featured listings are added within 24 hours so a business / law firm will most likely already be advertised on the website as a featured listing, thus benefiting from the service.

Refunds will not be provided for a lower number of profile views than expected or for not receiving any enquires in a particular month as the service in no way guarantees to generate enquires. Most customers will however usually see an increase in enquires and will usually receive lots of visits to their profile pages on this website but no refunds are offered based on the effectiveness of your subscription / featured listing/s for generating enquires for your business / firm. Tracking the number of enquires accurately would be almost impossible for us as contact details / profile pages can be shared via social media, emailed to people, bookmarked in web browsers, saved offline if copied and pasted in to a document, stored in a phone (or device) for later use, etc. For this reason LawClick Limited / solicitorsonline.co.uk makes no guarantees for any number of enquires your business is likely to receive with regards to the services you provide. Profile view visitor statistics are provided though on each firms profile page as usually lots of profile views would result in more enquires for a firm / business.


Featured listings can be cancelled through your account login area on this website. No refunds will be provided as part of a cancellation but you will not be charged for the following month if you cancel before your monthly payment date. You can also continue to advertise your firm as a featured listing for the remaining term of the month that has already been paid for or you can request for the listing/s to be removed if you require that they no longer be shown on this website.

Approval Of Listings

LawClick Limited / solicitorsonline.co.uk reserves the right to refuse any requested listings. Listings will usually be rejected if the office location is not a genuine UK office or if we are not able to find accurate or consistent references to the addresses and contact details associated with a firm when performing our checks of a firm for their inclusion on our website.

Upgrades To Featured Listings

You can purchase an upgrade to your featured listing/s through your login area / account on this website. This will allow you to add more offices / locations for your firm as a featured listing.

Downgrades To Featured Listing

You can downgrade your featured listings through your login area / account on this website. No refunds will be provided for downgrades but you will not be charged for the featured listings that you no longer require for the following month if you downgrade before your monthly payment date.

Account Termination

LawClick Limited / solicitorsonline.co.uk reserves the right to delete user accounts on this website including any associated data with the account if an account does not have an active featured listings subscription / payment plan.

LawClick Limited / solicitorsonline.co.uk also reserves the right to cancel any subscriptions or remove any user accounts from this website.

No liability or compensation will be provided by LawClick Limited / solicitorsonline.co.uk for any loss or damage sustained as a result of your account on this website with its associated data being removed.

Feedback And Reviews

Users are welcome to submit honest feedback, ratings, reviews and comments about the businesses listed on this website which is done via submitting a review via Google’s reviews about businesses. We do not screen, edit or review such feedback prior to their appearance on this website and they do not reflect the views or opinions of LawClick Limited / solicitorsonline.co.uk in any manner whatsoever. LawClick Limited / solicitorsonline.co.uk is not associated with Google in anyway and the reviews are provided for informational purposes only to help provide insights into how others have reviewed a business via Google.

Limitation of Liability

While we try to ensure that all information on this Website (solicitorsonline.co.uk) is correct and up-to-date, we make no promises to the accuracy or completeness of such information. Under no circumstances will solicitorsonline.co.uk / LawClick Limited be liable for any incidental, consequential, or indirect damages (including, but not limited to, physical harm, loss of profits, business interruption, loss of goodwill and the like) arising out of the use or inability of use of the service/ information provided on or downloaded from this website.

Third Party Content And Third Party Websites

The website may contain external links and advertisements submitted by or directed towards third party websites. Unless expressly stated otherwise, links to such third party websites do not signify that we endorse the website(s) and/or is associated with such websites in any manner. If you decide to access linked third party websites, you hereby agree to do so at your own risk.

Emails And Communications

As part of the service we will attempt to send emails to confirm purchases, notify you of account creation and other account / order related matters. You also agree to receive any urgent updates such as warnings or important announcements that might also impact your experience with our service / website. LawClick Limited / solicitorsonline.co.uk accepts no liability for any loss or damage sustained as a result of failing to receive emails and communications. Customers are advised to check that emails are being received as many errors can prevent this such as emails being sent to the wrong email address if an email address has been entered into this website with an error, spam filters removing these emails, internet connection issues or server errors. Your firm’s details will not be sold to another business as your details including your email address will be treated in accordance with our privacy policy shown below.

Governing Law

These Terms and Conditions are governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of England and Wales.

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Privacy Policy

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LawClick Limited / solicitorsonline.co.uk will take all steps reasonably necessary to ensure that your data is treated securely and in accordance with this privacy policy.

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